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It takes 12 - 14 years without extra qualification.

You could join the Salesians at any stage having passed Std. X or XII. You could also be a graduate. The most important quality is a generous heart.

Anybody with average intelligence, Coupled with hard work, enthusiasm and lot of common sense would do very well.

If you join after std. X (1 Year of Aspirant and 2 Years of +2) If you join after std. XII: Aspirant for 1 Year

Pre-Novitiate: 1 year To live in a Salesian community and to experience the Salesian way of life.

Novitiate: 1 year Study of the Salesian constitutions and religious life, after which you take your vows.

PHILOSOPHY (Without GRADUATION) 2 years: A study of various systems of ancient and modern philosophers, psychologists and religions. OR PHILOSOPHY (With GRADUATION) 4 Years: according to the New Education Policy 2020 India.

Practical training /Regency: 2 years, Salesian active Ministry experience in a Salesian Institution.

THEOLOGY: 4 years - The study of scripture, morals, and laws of the church about spirituality lived in practices of authenticity and related topics.

Don Bosco Seminary, Bandel (If you are joining after Cl. X BUT if you are joining after Cl. XII or Graduation your Aspirantate will be at Savion Bhavan, Azimganj, Murshidabad (Central Bengal)

You are allowed, but it must be submitted to the Dean when you reach the Formation House.

No, It's not allowed.