Don Bosco inspired the start of a vast movement of people who in different ways work for the benefit of the young. He himself founded not only the Society of St. Francis de Sales (Salesians of Don Bosco) but also the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the Association of Salesian Cooperators.

Including these and others that originated in different parts of the world, the Salesian Family today consists of 32 officially recognized groups that have a total of 402,500 members.

These groups live in communion with each other, share the same spirit and, with specifically distinct vocations, continue the mission he began.

Don Bosco’s charism continues to inspire people of good will. There are currently 23 more groups that are seeking membership within the Salesian Family.




  1. Salesians of Don Bosco: (with novices and bishops)   14614
  2. Daughters of Mary Help of Christians  ** 11791
  3. Salesian Cooperators   * 27035
  4. The Association of Mary Help of Christians  100000
  5. Past Pupils of Don Bosco  * 10000
  6. Past Pupils of the FMA  34793
  7. Women Volunteers of Don Bosco  1200
  8. Daughters of Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary  ** 308
  9. Salesian Oblates of the Sacred Heart  ** 262
  10. Apostles of the Holy Family  ** 54
  11. The Sisters of Charity of Jesus ** 930
  12. The Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians  ** 1244
  13. The Daughters of the Divine Saviour  180
  14. The Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary  91
  15. The Sisters of Jesus the Adolescent  19
  16. The Association of the Damas Salesianas  3153
  17. Volunteers with Don Bosco  83
  18. The Catechists Sisters of Mary Immaculate Help of Christians  665
  19. The Daughters of the Queenship of Mary Immaculate  40
  20. Witnesses of the Risen Lord TR  500
  21. The Congregation of St. Michael the Archangel  ** 330
  22. The Congregation of Sisters of the Resurrection 59
  23. The Congregation of the Sisters Announcers of the Lord  19
  24. The Disciples - Secular Institute  ** 415
  25. The Comunity of "Canção Nova"  1300
  26. The Sisters of St Michael the Archangel (Michaelites)  ** 256
  27. The Sisters of Maria Auxiliatrix  ** 108
  28. The Community of the Mission of Don Bosco (CMB)  400
  29. The Sisters of the Queenship of Mary Immaculate  24
  30. Visitation Sisters of Don Bosco (VSDB)  142
  31. Fraternidad comtemplativa maria de nazaret (FCMN)  350
  32. The Sisters Mediators of Peace (MP)  71